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"Bikes & Bean Clams" "Bikes & Bean Clams"
Six Pack Six Pack
The Blue & The Gold The Blue & The Gold
"Sandy & The Clams" "Sandy & The Clams"
Blue Lace Blue Lace
Cliffs of Dover Cliffs of Dover
Feeding Sandcrab Feeding Sandcrab
Late-season Sandcrabs Late-season Sandcrabs
Banded Sunset Banded Sunset
Toast! Toast!
Flaming Fall Sunset Flaming Fall Sunset
Photo Bomb! Photo Bomb!
Wind Powered! Wind Powered!
Carrot Top Carrot Top
Surf School Surf School
"Blood Sand" "Blood Sand"
Spooky Sunset Spooky Sunset
Sea Monster Sea Monster
S.U.P.-er Sunset S.U.P.-er Sunset
Surfing Whales! Surfing Whales!
"2 Bits, 4 Bits, 6 Bits, A Dollar!" "2 Bits, 4 Bits, 6 Bits, A Dollar!"
Scrambled Flash Scrambled Flash
Whale of a Tail! Whale of a Tail!
Clam Field Clam Field
Full Quiver Full Quiver
Where's the Beach? Where's the Beach?
Diving for Dinner! Diving for Dinner!
"Sand Quilt" "Sand Quilt"
Horsing Around Horsing Around
Ringed Sunset Ringed Sunset
Inverted Flash Inverted Flash
Scaled Down Coastline Scaled Down Coastline
Soldiers With Their Hair on Fire! Soldiers With Their Hair on Fire!
Seal Team of One Seal Team of One
"Rivlette" "Rivlette"
Nature's Cotton Candy Nature's Cotton Candy
Stormy Touch & Goes Stormy Touch & Goes
Outside! Outside!
Surf Bored Surf Bored
Dedicated Surf Instructor Dedicated Surf Instructor
Study Hall Study Hall
Pelican Crew Pelican Crew
Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders
Who Da Boss? Who Da Boss?
Special Moment Special Moment
Spoiler Alert! No Volleyball today. Spoiler Alert! No Volleyball today.
Happy Surf! Happy Surf!
So Many Textures! So Many Textures!
Woo-Hoo! Woo-Hoo!
Watchman's Post Watchman's Post
Beach Restoration Project Beach Restoration Project
  • "Bikes & Bean Clams"

    A particularly prolific season for Bean Clams this year. (Still, kinda uncool to ride bikes through them, eh?)

    Six Pack
    The Blue & The Gold
    "Sandy & The Clams"

    Sounds like a good name for a band, eh? That's a sand crab catching micro-organisms with the its antennae, and a few "Bean Clams" nestled in the depression caused by the crab.

    Blue Lace

    Receding ripple in the shallow water at low tide on Mission Beach, Ca.

    Cliffs of Dover

    Okay, so they're not white cliffs. Just the marks left by a receding tide on a flat beach in Mission Beach, Ca.

    Feeding Sandcrab

    Most of the sandcrab is buried, with just its antennae-like parts straining seawater in search of microscopic critters to eat.

    Late-season Sandcrabs
    Banded Sunset

    Sometimes it doesn't pay to be the only one in the crowd with toast!

    Flaming Fall Sunset
    Photo Bomb!
    Wind Powered!

    Lucky timing led to this improbable shot.

    Carrot Top

    The stratified atmosphere will alter the true lighting and coloration of the sun into some amazing combinations!

    Surf School

    Beginner being shown the ropes in Mission Beach!

    "Blood Sand"

    Fooling around with Photoshop on a low tide beach photo.

    Spooky Sunset

    Sunset 2-18-2017

    Sea Monster

    Watching kids experience seafoam for the first time always puts a smile on your face.

    S.U.P.-er Sunset

    Talk about a front row view!

    Surfing Whales!

    Who knew that whales can surf? These two smallish California Gray Whales taking a break from the long trek back to Alaska.

    "2 Bits, 4 Bits, 6 Bits, A Dollar!"

    Sand Dollar in the shallows at low tide in Mission Beach.

    Scrambled Flash

    Right after a fog bank blew through, this beautiful sunset appeared!

    Whale of a Tail!

    California Gray Whale shows it stuff, just outside the surf zone in Mission Beach

    Clam Field

    A patch of baby clams at low tide in Mission Beach, Ca.

    Full Quiver

    He came prepared, just in case he didn't like the feel of one board, he had options...

    Where's the Beach?

    Not a good day to spread your blanket on the sand...

    Diving for Dinner!

    Pelican diving on an unfortunate meal.

    "Sand Quilt"

    Interesting textures revealed on the beach at low tide in Mission Beach

    Horsing Around

    Dolphins playing in the surf in Mission Beach. Many mornings, between sun-up and about 9 AM, you will see pods of dolphins getting frisky in the surf here.

    Ringed Sunset

    This is what passes for Winter in San Diego. January 8, 2017

    Inverted Flash

    As the sun sets through a stratified atmosphere, most any color arrangement is possible.

    Scaled Down Coastline

    Low tide textures formed in the sand by the receding surf in Mission Beach

    Soldiers With Their Hair on Fire!

    Big Waves Rolling in near sunset 

    Mission Beach 2-18-2017

    Seal Team of One

    Dolphins, Whales and Seals, oh my!


    Low tide textures

    Nature's Cotton Candy

    This was an amazing sight! The high wind all day was creating seafoam which was being driven onto the beach by the wind. At sunset, the clouds overhead turned bright pink which was reflected in the seafoam and "white water". The color in this photograph has not been altered in anyway. It was THAT magical! 

    Stormy Touch & Goes

    Navy Raptors doing touch and go 'round robin off of ship about 3 miles from shore in Mission Beach.


    Storm Surf breaking outside of Crystal Pier in PB 2-18-2017

    Surf Bored

    Surf instructor is less than enthusiastic about his next class.

    Dedicated Surf Instructor

    Safari Surf School instructors are the best!

    Study Hall

    Making lifestyle choices.

    Pelican Crew
    Bernie Sanders

    "What we're going to do is take your toast and divide it up equally amongst those who don't have any, okay?"

    Who Da Boss?

    Establishing who is in charge at the beach...and just about everywhere else.

    Special Moment

    This is how it's done!

    Spoiler Alert! No Volleyball today.

    These kids had the whole beach to choose from...so they dig a huge hole in the middle of our volleyball court.

    Happy Surf!

    Even the simplest things can bring a smile when you're at the beach.

    So Many Textures!

    Land-Sea-Air, so many textures captured in this photo! Will make a beautiful large print!

    Watchman's Post
    Beach Restoration Project

    Crew monitoring the outfall pipe in front of our place.

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